ESDA 101


In competition, each driver will get 2 qualifying runs. The best run will count as their best score. Tiebreakers will be determined by the driver worse run. Each qualifying run is judged on three criterion: line, angle, and style. Each driver will get 1 minute to get to the starting line and go for their runs.This rule has been implemented so time will not be wasted. Drivers will go for 2 runs consecutive (both runs without waiting) with no practice runs. It’s the driver’s responsibility to practice before entering the lobby. Driver’s caught going for practice runs will be penalized.


Tandem round is based on two (2) runs in a Head-to-Head format, with competitors paired up based on seeding position. The higher seed will lead the first run and the second led by the lower seed. The critical success factor is for the lead car to be able to run the course without error while being pressured by the following car. The following car is to “outdrive” the lead car. Driver consistency during a tandem battle is critical.

Lead Car must be able to clear the course without making any errors due to distraction or pressure by the following car.

Following Car needs to run the same line as the lead car If the lead car is off-line, the following car will gain advantage points by staying on the correct line although will not be deducted points for following the lead car. The following car should keep as close to the lead car as possible to gain the advantage


Line Is the ideal path a vehicle must take on the course and is marked by Inner Clipping Points, Outer Clipping Points, and Transition Zones


Angle measures the amount of counter-steer and relative rear slip angle a driver uses through the course. Steering adjustments must a minimal. The Transition from corner to corner must be smooth.


The Style is the general feel of the pass and how well the other three criterion are executed through the entirety of the lap. This is the most subjective criteria, and judges will look for the most “excitement” that the driver can bring. Drivers should be able to show full control of the car at all times