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New Top 24 Format

ESDA will be moving to a new competition format for the 2018 season. Instead of the typical 32 driver format, we will now be reducing the field to 24 drivers. Our goal is to bring a higher level of competition to the field, while putting more emphasis on qualifying results. The result of the reduced field means tougher competition and more door to door tandems as the best drivers will be battling it out.



The top 8 drivers (ESDA Pro Drivers) will be automatically locked into the Top 16 for each coming round. For positions 9th – 24th, there will be single-elimination preliminary battles before the main competition. The 8 winners from the preliminary battles will then move on to the Top 16 to face the ESDA Pro Drivers. The Top 16 to the Grand Finals will be held in a double-elimination layout, creating two separate brackets– a “Winners” and “Losers” bracket, resulting in the winners from each bracket facing off in the Grand Finals.

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