ESDA 2017-2018 Event Schedule

Exhibition: Lime Rock

Qualifying: February 24th, 2018

Event: March 3rd, 2018


World Championship: Mugello

Open Qualifier:

Qualifying: March 24th, 2018

Event: March 31st, 2018


Event 1: Long Beach

Qualifying: April 14th, 2018

Event: April 21st, 2018


Event 2: Road Atlanta

Qualifying: May 19th, 2018

Event: May 26th, 2018


Event 3: Monza

Qualifying: June 16th, 2018

Event: June 23th, 2018


Event 4: Nurburgring

Qualifying: July 28th, 2018

Event: August 4th, 2018


Event 5: Daytona

Qualifying: August 25th, 2018

Event: September 1st, 2018


Event 6: Suzuka

Qualifying: September 22nd, 2018

Event: September 29, 2018


Media Days will be the day prior to each event date. Example: Exhibition event date is March 3rd. Media day will be March 2nd. Media days are optional, but lobby guidelines will be in place that you must follow.


Event time schedule

Registration ends: 1 to 2 days before the open qualifying date.

Event Qualifying: Will be at 1pm – 4pm Eastern US time.

Early qualifying spots will be available for those that cannot make the standard qualifying time. If you need to qualify early message whichever person on Xbox Live would best suit your time. These days are immediately before the standard qualifying day.

Initial Dai: Wednesday – Friday 6pm to 11pm Eastern US Time.

XE MintyFresh: Wednesday – Friday 6pm to 11pm UK Time.

Early qualifying days are to be used for important needs only.

Event Battles: Will be held starting at 2pm eastern US time.


Re-Schedule of an event

In the case, if an event changes date, everyone will be informed 3 days to a week before the event. If times change before or during an event, drivers will be informed a day before times are changed.